Thank you for visiting the Montezuma Historical Society's Family Project.  It is a work in progress, so check back frequently. Also, as the site is rebuilt as additions are made, please use only the actual database in any citations you may wish to make.  Page numbers, and therefore, links, will change frequently.

    As time goes by, many links cited as sources in this project, may become obsolete. Most "dead" links can be accessed by going to Way Back Machine Archive Website

      and entering the entire web address and searching. It will reveal a page with many dates to be viewed. Choose the most recent date and the page should open. Our goal is to provide a historical look at the residents of our community through the years, There will never be a charge for accessing our database, but as we are a small community, wth limited resources, if you find it helpful and would like to make a financial donation, it is always appreciated.  In 2024, the Montezuma Historical Society merged with Lock 52 Historical and the new combined organizations have a new name. It is Old Mentz Heritage Center. You may become a member of OMHC, or just make a contribution by using the following link, printing the form and  returning it by mail.

Old Mentz Heritage Center

      Anyone who would like to contribute original, non-copyrighted photos or biographical information would be gladly welcome. However, to ensure the accuracy of our database, all vital information must include a primary or secondary source to be included for publication online . Biographical stories must be original and photoss must include documentation that the photos are the property of contributer and that he/she has given permision for us publish them. Photographs taken from online sites, i.e., Google photos, etc. may be copyrghted even if not noted, so will not be used here. Queries and/or contributions may be made to Kathleen Shaw Decker at